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Advanced Retail Link® - CANADA: offered by 8th and Walton




Online Webinar




8th and Walton

Course Description:

This course takes seasoned Retail Link® users well beyond the programís basic functionality, teaching value-added reporting, in-depth analysis, and sales/profit-producing recommendations. We will explore all of the resources that Retail Link® offers, as well as detailed and granular analysis of the data in Excel.

What you will learn:
  • Establishing your sales baseline and promotional volume
  • When and how to make recommendations to drive business
  • Planning promotional profit
  • Modulars: how are your items on each modular configuration performing
  • Advanced reporting skills and retail math - how to accurately measure your Walmart business
  • How Market Basket drives business
  • Methods for calculating sell thru on various types of promotions and events

For more information or to register for this course, please visit the 3rd party link 8th and Walton course page

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