Supercenter Growth "Virtually Nothing"

The inevitable slowing of the Supercenter growth machine is upon us. We all expected it to come at some point. In 2018, Walmart opened 15 Supercenters. They reportedly have 10 new Supercenters planned for 2019. CEO Doug McMillon has made it increasingly clear that growth would continue to accelerate, albeit through new and innovative means. Between the eCommerce acquisitions, the expansion of the C-Store test ( test/527622/), and all the delivery tests, Walmart clearly has the strongest infrastructure to support how consumers are evolving. Morgan Stanley executive director Simeon Gutman said the fact that Walmart isn't opening a ton of new supercenters doesn't mean its supercenters are becoming irrelevant. He dubbed the supercenter Walmart's "center of gravity," saying the massive big-box stores would provide crucial infrastructure for Walmart's expanding click and collect programs.

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