Crowd-Sourced Walmart Relay Modular Timing by Department: For Suppliers by Suppliers

Welcome to ModularWiki brought to you by SupplierLife! The ModularWiki is a comprehensive database of the modular relay schedule (past, present, and estimated future) by deptarment number at Walmart (and Sam's Club as they transition to a formal modular cycle). This list is 100% crowd-sourced by anonymous users like yourself. We will do our best to filter any bad information that is submitted, but if you see anything that is inaccurate please submit a correction and we will update it as soon as we possibly can. This is YOUR community list! Our commitment to you is that this list will remain free, accessible and at your fingertips when you need it most!

Note: All dates are written in Walmart Fiscal Year Ending terminology (YYYYWK). Walmart's fiscal year begins on Feb 1st and runs through Jan 31st. For example, August 5th 2018 is Walmart Fiscal 2019 week 28 (written as 201928). Starting Feb 1st, 2019 we we will be in the fiscal week of 2020 week 01 (202001).

All additions to the ModularWiki are placed in a que and reviewed by SupplierLife staff prior to going live. During this time, we do our best to validate the data entered through various methods. This process can take a few hours or a few days. Also, all responses are anonymous with the exception of IP logs. If we find abuse (e.g. people submit inaccurate data intentionally), we will ban the offending IP address. This is important as many offices and companies have a common IP. Please respect this list just as you respect our common customer.

Thank you in advance for your participation. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or ideas on things you would like to see on SupplierLife, don't hesitate to reach out via our Contact Form.

ModularWiki - FAQ:

As often as we receive or learn about changes and validate them. Daily if needed.

Today, with the Walmart Edition of this site, we are focusing on Walmart Stores and Sam's Club as they move into a more formal modular process (or so we hear and know from a few select departments). The initial is almost 100% Walmart stores. Feel free to add Sam's info as categories transition.

That is our plan and fits within the mission of SupplierLife. Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to provide each other critical information and a comprehensive list for free versus having to ask each other on social media one category at a time.

This list will require an incredible amount of time to maintain and we are happy to provide the platform to do so. The list will only be as productive as you make it, so remember, your participation is both the giving and taking of valid information. Our intention is to remain open-sourced and free of logins requiring user information such as name, password, etc. but in the event of abuse or misuse of the information, we reserve the right to do so.

Each time an entry is made, the IP is temporarily stored in the database. If we determine the post is valid, the IP storage is removed when we make the entry active. If we determine the entry was invalid, we make a note of the IP in the event it happens again. If it continues to happen from one IP (e.g. someone trolling, intentionally submitted false data, etc.) we can then ban the IP from accessing our site. The IP address tell us only your location (e.g. Bentonville AR) and your ISP (e.g. Cox). Your ISP provider is the only one with personal information tied to your IP address.