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1 World Sync - Sam's Sync Error

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  • 1 World Sync - Sam's Sync Error

    Any one ever get this error? Its after publishing or republishing, it shows up like the validate screen, down at the bottom: E-R00016 At least one of the items in the Hierarchy should have Recipient Category/Destination populated.

    I have an email into 1 World Sync and to Sam's. This GTIN was published to Sam's on 05.17.18 successfully, but now its bounced out of the Item Creation Task Que, and when I went to republish/publish I got this error.

    I've never gotten this before and I clone all my GTINS from existing Successfully Published Sam's GTINS. So I am thinking its something new. I've looked through all the documentation, Participant Dictionary, Validation Dictionary, etc and I cant find the code or the error message. I've looked at all the fields in 1 World Sync as well and I cant find one that matches, but that could be because I don't know if its a field that says one thing but means this for Sam's. good ole 1 world sync lack of transparency!

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    I have been asking all over the place to try and find an answer to this! The best I have is a number to call for 1 World Sync and I was told they will walk through the example you have with you on the phone. The number is 1-866-280-4013


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      Agreed. I saw this last week and really had no good answer. I called my internal person at Walmart and asked them (and they are the DataSync / WERCS specialist), and they had no idea either. Hopefully you got it solved by now as I know how frustrating that can be. Please post what you find out if you wouldn't mind. Inquiring minds want to know!


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        Here's what I think happened: According to all the reports I ran this item was synced back in May. I then added all the information in retail link and sent to the buying team for creation. So anytime I try to republish its giving the error because the GTIN is already on the Sam's side. They've lost it some how and its out of all my Item Tasks and theirs. Which is odd. Do these things just drop out after so much time has passed?

        The other thing is maybe I sent it to the wrong category? I have two category's with Sam's that I deal with and after checking with the other team its not there. So it had to have been a typo type error, even though its a select menu, when I created it to be sent to a different category. Anybody know if there is a way to see if there is a pending item creation form Sam's that's in a different category?

        The publication detail reports don't work cause that is only with pending supplier data and I have already done my part.

        Also, I contacted 1 World Sync Friday, I hadn't heard from them since so I sent another email yesterday and they said they have elevated it. Which doesn't really help in the mean time. I really dislike 1 World Sync and am never happy with their help desk. I had an issues with Lowe's that took WEEKS to fix and that's because I finally said "what you keep telling me to do, the same thing over and over, is not working, I am not doing it again you have to figure this out a different way." I had to get mad and really really firm. And finally it got elevated and take care of. But I always feel like they think you're an idiot and not doing something right and I can not stand that. I am not the type of person who doesn't trouble shoot first. Help Desks are the last resort for me which is why forums are usually where I find solutions to problems. Which is not everybody, and I get that, so help desks always cater to the lowest denominator first. But I wish there was a better service or better eliminating questions for issues rather then "youre just doing it wrong."


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          So apparently it was an error on the 1 World Sync side, they fixed it and I republished and was able to enter all the information again and send to Sam's.


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            Thank you for reporting back on what you found! At least you were vindicated and your consistent follow up paid off! You also saved a lot of us from dealing with the same issue so thanks for that as well!