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Is SupplierLife hosting training classes?

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  • Is SupplierLife hosting training classes?

    On one of the Facebook groups yesterday there was warning about this site selling training classes and soliciting. Are you all involved in selling training classes or in partnership with one of the companies who do? I haven't seen you all do this personally, but wanted to make you aware it was posted on Facebook.

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    Sorry about that. The answer is NO. We don't sell any content on our site. We are not sure if she was misinformed or simply has an alternative agenda. We choose to look at it as if she were misinformed, and treated it like a user experience opportunity. When you click "see all" in training, a table comes back which clearly shows all the training from 3rd parties that are available. We believed that was clear. However, when you clicked a specific class off the home page, it took you to that class detail page. On that detail page, the user has to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the 3rd party link. As a result, we could possibly understand where the confusion came in. Last night we updated all of our pages to make it 100% clear we do not host, conduct, review, or support any training companies. We are also not compensated by any training companies.

    The backstory. A few months back one of us was asked by an end-user where they could send a new person for retail link training. They knew the local company, but asked if there were any other options. We threw out a few other options we knew at the time. Two weeks ago, made the comment "you all should put a training section on your site that has all the training from all the vendors so people can make a more informed decision."

    We added a training section at the request of a user. In fact, not only are we not compensated for this list, but shortly after taking it live, I got a rather constructive email from one of the organizations expressing their displeasure with the new training section. Specifically, many of them require you to click 3-4 times and "add to cart" before seeing a cost. It is very annoying. So we took that work upon ourselves and in our table we clearly show the course, instructor, and COST. This obviously puts some training organizations at a disadvantage when the same course can range in price from $125 to $650.

    We make no revenue on ANY of our content. Every section is free. We have add buttons on every section so anyone can add their event, training, job openings, etc. to our site.

    For training in particular, we currently have courses listed from 8th, Trend Results out of Dallas, Supplier.Community, NWACC, and even one consulting group.

    So don't worry about Facebook we have no control or influence over those individuals. But if you spend any time on our site, outside advertising that is very limited, you will quickly realize we live our mission statement.

    Thanks for reaching out and asking for clarification. I would ask you to set the record straight on Facebook, but I don't think they are quite as open to feedback as we are.



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      Thanks for the info! As I thought...