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NWACC Enters the Supplier Training Arena with 1 and 2 Day Courses

by Monica Whitaker

NWACC's center for Retail and Supplier Education has long maintained a unique relationship with Walmart and the supplier community. As an accredited institution through The Higher Learning Commission and a non-profit, NWACC's focus on community improvement has kept them in alignment with their retail partner's philanthropic direction. As part of this long-term partnership, NWACC is the only organization outside of the retail or supplier community that has been granted access to Retail Link© for their students (part of the Certified Retail Analyst program that is currently on its 17th year and in open enrollment for the Summer semester starting May 8th). Having knowledge of Retail Link©, and more importantly understanding how to use that data in real-world scenarios, is required experience for almost any entry level role in the supplier community. This exclusive access combined with NWACC's focus on real life scenarios via case studies speaks to why NWACC has nearly a 90% placement rate from the graduates of their Analyst program throughout the years.

But what about existing suppliers who want to strengthen or expand their skillset? As the local retail environment continues to evolve from Brick and Mortar into ecommerce, supplier teams will begin to look very different. New roles will inevitably appear. Other roles will in all likelihood be reduced or phased out completely. However, as history has proven, those who embrace change and proactively advance their skillset and knowledge base will undoubtedly continue to succeed.

In an effort to keep existing members of the supplier community on the forefront of retail knowledge, NWACC's Center for Retail and Supplier Education has announced three new 1 & 2 day courses that debut this May. These courses focus on today's hottest topics in the supplier community. Between the rise of ecommerce and rapid evolution of omnichannel to the ever-changing policies around OTIF and potential for corresponding deductions, NWACC has developed a robust, quick-hit course list taught by industry leaders to ensure members of the supplier community remain best-in-class.

1. Supply Chain & Replenishment: The Ground Floor (1-day course)* - Register
  • Dates: May 12th or May 19th
  • Cost: $475
  • Description: The current world of Supply Chain is rapidly changing! Whether you are a seasoned retail professional, new graduate or looking for a change or challenge, knowing the basics of Supply Chain and Replenishment are vital. In this course we will cover ground floor topics such as; the Supply Chain Pyramid, GRS, OTIF, Retail Link© Reporting, communication techniques and common terminology. Plus, real life in class exercises in order to put your new knowledge into action. That's only a small glimpse of the tools we will provide you to instantly make a difference in your office. At the conclusion of this class, you will be able to make a difference in Supply chain and HIT THE GROUND RUNNING!

2. It's Your Money! Understand Deductions; Avoid Deductions; Deduction Repayment Simplified (1-day course)* - Register
  • Dates: May 17th, May 30th, June 15th, and June 27th
  • Cost: $475
  • Description: As a supplier, profit margins are consistently getting squeezed and making the need to eliminate unnecessary costs more and more critical. Invoice deductions add to the cost of doing business and can be avoided. Learn the system basics such as navigating Retail Link, the Dispute Portal and SKIP. Gain insights and best practices into why deductions occur, how to prevent them as well as actions that can be taken to efficiently resolve them, if they do occur.

    Learn from an industry veteran with over 20 years of in-depth Walmart experience in this field. Put these practices in place to eliminate those unnecessary costs - after all IT'S YOUR MONEY!

3. Omnichannel Shopper: The Definitive Primer (2-day course)* - Register
  • Dates: May 2nd - 3rd or June 6th - 7th
  • Cost: $395
  • Description: Current marketing professionals and students have likely come up in a push-marketing world. But as the landscape continues its shift toward pull-marketing, shoppers are searching for exactly what solutions your individual items can provide. Item storytelling through optimized and enhanced content is the signal you send to attract their attention and convert their purchase - online and in-store. This two-part course is designed to give you the answers to providing data and content that will attract, convert, and retain your shoppers across all channels.

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All students enrolled in these courses must have a valid Retail Link© User-id.
Retail Link© is a registered trademark of Walmart Stores, Inc.

Monica Whitaker.  Writer for Firefly Marketing, LLC including SupplierLife.com and FamilyLifeNWA.com

Monica Whitaker, staff writer for www.SupplierLife.com and www.FamilyLifeNWA.com

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